Frequently asked questions

I’ve tried to answer all the questions I get asked on a regular basis here. No one ever reads this page though. Poor little page 🙁

If theres vital information missing just email me at bbwruby@gmail.com and enquire.

All Nationalities welcomed

I’m delighted to offer my services to Clients of all Nationalities. As long as you are respectful and polite you are assured of a warm welcome.



Dark hair, big green eyes, fair skin and a gorgeous smile.


I have huge breasts are round, soft and sensitive and love to have attention lavished on them. They’re great to play with and stroke but they can also give you the biggest and best tit wank you’ve ever had in your life.


I dont offer discounts. Please dont try to negotiate or haggle as you will probably offend me. There are plenty of other options available to you if what I offer doesn’t suit your circumstances.


I love spending time together in a leisurely and passionate GFE but if you want me to be dominant and cruel then I welcome the chance to get wicked and to play a little harder.

Dress Size

I’m currently a dress size 44 / 46


I’d be delighted to arrange for another gorgeous lady to join us and for us both to spoil you.  Please note that I’m not bisexual so you will be the centre of all our attention. Just email me and let me know what you have in mind.


I LOVE face sitting and whether you like it gentle and teasing or full on and breath taking I can promise you an experience you wont forget.


You can call me rubenesque, voluptuous, full-figured or fat because I’m all of them, plus a whole lot more! My body is soft and smooth and every inch of me is curvy and luscious and available for your pleasure.


I’d be delighted to accompany you to lunch or dinner and for us to enjoy each others company while I work my way through the menu. I’m happy to accomapny you to a fine dining restaurant or somewhere more simple but I dont enjoy junk food. Please note – I DONT share my dessert. I might choose to share yours though so please order something I like 🙂 If you want to bring me a gift I’ll happily eat it in front of you but I’m very fussy so I’d recommend you ask me what I’d enjoy beforehand.

Food Sex Escort / Sploshing Escort

I’d be delighted to get messy for you or with you but only at YOUR premises.


It’s never necessary but if you want to bring me a gift you can be assured of a sincere and enthusiastic ‘thank you’. Champagne Truffles are always a winner but if you have something else in mind then just email me and enquire. Clothes and lingerie can be problematical as most of mine have to be specially made but I can send you a list of suggestions if that would help. Handbags, Jewellery and Perfume always fit me however 🙂


An Incall means that you will visit me at my premises.I always choose places with discretion, privacy and comfort in mind.

Incall Rates

  • One hour (Minimum booking) – £160
  • Two hours – £320
  • Three hours – £450
  • Four hours – £550
  • All day or all evening 8 hours – £1000
  • Overnight 12 hours – £1500

My body

You can enjoy my gorgeous round wobbly ass, huge juicy thighs and the biggest, softest belly you’ve ever seen.


I’m English born and bred. I speak English, and a little French to an embarrassingly bad standard.


An Outcall means that I will come to your location. Please note that I only offer Outcalls to Hotels and not to private premises. When you book you’ll need to give me the name your room is booked in or your reservation number as I will call you at the Hotel to confirm. I’ll also ask that you cover my travel expenses and a deposit in advance.

Outcall Rates

  • Two hours (Minimum booking) – £450
  • Three hours – £550
  • Four hours – £650
  • All day or all evening 8 hours – £1500
  • Overnight 12 hours – £2000


I value your privacy and I am completely discreet. I am the only person with access to the information you share via email or on the phone. Your details are not stored or shared.


If you want to see my reviews please click on the link – http://www.adultwork.com/bbwruby

Squashing Escort / Crushing Escort and Trampling Escort bookings

I love to squash, trample and crush – just let me know when you book. Please note I only crush adult (18+) male humans. Any request of animal crushing will get you immediately blocked and banned.

The Law

I am an independant Escort working of my own free will. I’m overage, and not trafficked, coerced or controlled in any way. I’m not addicted to anything illegal. Bearing these facts in mind everything I do is legal, and you visiting me and choosing to pay for sex is also legal. Seriously though, if you have any concerns please research the issue yourself. Taking legal advice from a Hooker is not the action of a smart man 🙂

Threesomes / Moresomes

Just how much attention can you handle? Let me know what you have in mind and I can arrange it. Please note that this isn’t an inexpensive option, and also that you’ll be asked to pay a deposit at a very early stage. This is fully refundable if I am unable to arrange what you’re hoping for but is necessary to weed out the fantasists at an early stage.

Unprotected Sex

No. Never. Please dont ask because my answer wont change and I’ll just block any further contacts from you.


Sorry but I’m not interested in providing filmed content for distributors.


It varies but last time I was weighed I was 41 stone and 3 lbs – which is 577lbs for Americans and 262 kgs for the rest of the world.